Chess For Novices - A Guide for Fresh Beginners and Aspiring Novices

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Welcome! is a guide for fresh beginners and aspiring novices. We publish easy to follow materials that help chess amateurs learn about the game and improve their play.

Step 1 - Learn the rules.

We'll teach you how to play chess, how to read chess notation, and about the basics of chess strategy.

Step 2 - Practice tactics.

We'll equip you with an arsenal of tactical weapons - the basic fighting maneuvers in chess.

Step 3 - Understand strategy.

We'll reveal the critical strategic principles that lead to chess victory - and give you a flair for the various opening systems that help you start out the game.

Step 4 - Play chess games.

We'll show you where you can play - online and face-to-face.

Step 5 - Take the road to improvement.

We'll provide you with the plans and resources you need to begin the journey to becoming a chess master.