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Throughout, we link to many outstanding chess related websites. This page displays a condensed list of these sites - on which beginners and novices will find a wealth of useful information.


Dan Heisman's Chess Page - Heisman's Novice Nook column is widely recognized as essential reading for all aspiring amateurs.

Exeter Chess Club - A club in Devon, UK, established in 1895 ... outstanding instructional material.

Chesscafe - Regular columns by some huge names (Yasser Seirawan, Susan Polgar, Bruce Pandolfini, etc.)

Chessville - Another site with excellent columns and instructional articles.

Wikipedia Chess Article - A huge amount of chess related information ... the main chess page is a good starting point for exploration.


Chessbase - One of the best chess news websites on the internet.

The Week in Chess - Another one of the best chess news websites on the internet.

Tactics Exercises

Chess Tactics Server - Over 20,000 tactical problems to solve.

Chess Tempo - Similar to Chess Tactics Server, but with even more problems.

Forums - A great set of forums for beginners and experienced players alike.