Chess For Novices - A Guide for Fresh Beginners and Aspiring Novices

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Beginning Chess Tactics

Studying and practicing tactics is the single best thing that a beginner or novice player can do to improve their game. In this series of articles, we'll consider three levels of tactics:

And to round things out, we'll take a look at:

Each topic has a simple introduction, followed by several pages of problems to try.

Chess Tactics - Table of Contents
Introduction - What Are Tactics?
Piece Safety - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)
Counting - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)
Tactical Motifs Introduction
The Fork - Exercises
The Knight Fork - Exercises
The Pin - Exercises
The Skewer - Exercises
The Discovered Attack - Exercises
Removal of the Guard - Exercises
Back Rank Checkmates - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)