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Beginning Chess Tactics - Conclusion

That's it! You've reached the end of the Beginning Tactics course. As a next step, we'd highly recommend that you spend some time going over the exercises again.

Remember: Going over problems multiple times reinforces the patterns in your mind. Being able to recall patterns over the chess board during games is what tactical vision is all about!

If you're looking for more exercises, there are two great online sources:

Both have thousands of problems for you to solve for free. You can also sign up for an account and earn a rating - a fun way to compare your progress against other people!

You can also check out our page on The Best Chess Books For Novices to find some tactics book suggestions.

Chess Tactics - Table of Contents
Introduction - What Are Tactics?
Piece Safety - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)
Counting - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)
Tactical Motifs Introduction
The Fork - Exercises
The Knight Fork - Exercises
The Pin - Exercises
The Skewer - Exercises
The Discovered Attack - Exercises
Removal of the Guard - Exercises
Back Rank Checkmates - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)