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Chess Tactical Motifs

During chess games, tactical manouevers present themselves in a number of common forms and patterns. These patterns are often referred to as tactical motifs. Learning and recognizing these patterns during play is one of the main requirements to becoming a competent chess player.

In this course, we'll take a look at 6 of the most common tactical forms:

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Chess Tactics - Table of Contents
Introduction - What Are Tactics?
Piece Safety - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)
Counting - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)
Tactical Motifs Introduction
The Fork - Exercises
The Knight Fork - Exercises
The Pin - Exercises
The Skewer - Exercises
The Discovered Attack - Exercises
Removal of the Guard - Exercises
Back Rank Checkmates - Exercises (1) - Exercises (2)