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Chess Endgame Strategy - Top Ten Principles

#1 - Activate your King. It is an invaluable attacking piece in the endgame.

#2 - Create a passed Pawn, and escort it to promotion.

#3 - When ahead in material, exchange pieces but not Pawns.

#4 - Place pawns on opposite coloured squares as your Bishop.

#5 - Put rooks behind friendly and enemy passed Pawns.

#6 - Use Rooks to cut off the enemy King.

#7 - When you have the advantage, don't waste time promoting multiple new Queens. Press your advantage for checkmate instead.

#8 - Activate and coordinate your pieces before making premature Pawn thrusts.

#9 - Develop threats and passed Pawns on both wings.

#10 - When you have the advantage, simplify to a winning endgame.

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