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Chess Middlegame Strategy - Top Ten Principles

#1 - Centralize and coordinate your pieces. This is when tactical opportunities will begin to materialize.

#2 - When your position is cramped, exchange pieces.

#3 - When ahead in material, exchange pieces, not pawns.

#4 - When you have a bad or inactive piece, exchange it.

#5 - Don't launch an attack on the flank until the centre is secure.

#6 - When the opponent's king is exposed, look for tactics and combinations.

#7 - When the opponent's development is poor, look for tactics and combinations.

#8 - Attack your opponent's weak and backwards pawns.

#9 - Occupy your opponent's weak squares. Knights are particularly good at establishing outposts.

#10 - Don't make unnecessary pawn moves in front of your king. This weakens your position.

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